mantra challenge positive affirmations for happiness

Mantras for Happiness

First… it went VIRAL.

Now, it’s an E-Book that will Change. Your. Life.

Featured on sites like Yahoo! Huffington Post, and more. Then the 11 Day Mantra series (originally published right here on HerAfter) became an ebook AND a new online course. Both helped change thousands of lives, sparking radical change in the daily routine of every lifestyle, age and personality. Now, it’s your turn. Join the 11 day challenge, pushing yourself to 11 positive affirmations designed to help you see the POWER and POTENTIAL you have in your own life, every single day, so that you can create the life you’ve always dreamed of.


One New Mantra Each Day To Help You:

Realize Your Power

to make real, lasting change in your own life, and see areas you’ve given away your power to your circumstances

Boost Self Esteem 

Self Reflection and Awareness of Who You Were Meant to Be

Empower Your True Self

With confidence, conviction, and an awakened heart

Whether you have a regular meditation practice, or simply want inspiring, motivational mantras to help you feel more mindful, content and peaceful, this series will help you. Full of stories, detailed descriptions, and directions to effectively using each mantra, these mantras for happiness will instantly tap you into your potential and power to be happy, healthy, and more alive.

Reviews from Amazon:

“I found this book both inspiring and freeing. The author, a woman, is very connected to self. She delivers a message to women of all ages, to practice self-love and respect, gratitude and strength. She teaches that true happiness lies within each of us! Its as “easy” as making a choice! You’ll find the mantras motivating and very real!”

“It was just what I needed…even shared at work on the bulletin board.”

“What a great little book! I have never given time to books like this (or even the concept) but something pointed me at this one and I love it. Clear, basic, positive statements to pour into your heart each day.”

Are you ready to take the challenge?