Her After is a labor of love for women of all lifestyles, experiences and beliefs. Full of practical tips, useful articles, and enlightening how-to-guides, this site aims to help you awaken to more fulfilling, beautiful life despite whatever challenges you’ve faced. We discuss everything from career advice and finding purpose, beauty tips to wellness guides. It’s about honoring your highest self in every area, from the closet to the office to the place that matters most: in your own heart.

How HerAfter came to be…

Her After was created to help women live more beautiful lives after cancer; but a funny thing happened. As it turns out, the articles here reached more than just cancer survivors. Because we all have our own struggles. The struggle itself isn’t what’s most important. What’s important is that we honor our struggle, remember the lessons it taught us, and respect our power to heal, grow, evolve and succeed no matter what has happened to us. Her After is about encouraging and inspiring you to realize your power, your beauty, and that magic that is your life.

It’s about the big things that matter to the modern woman without forgetting to appreciate the little things. It’s about purpose, passion, the pursuit of beauty, style, living happily and healthily, and the questions we women ask daily in the face of both joy and hardship. Because a future in which all women feel empowered enough to be themselves no matter their circumstances, cherish each other as powerful beings, and realize their own potential will absolutely change the world.


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