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How to Maintain a Spiritual Practice (Even When Your Busy)

As a writer and woman, I find that discussing my spirituality and spiritual practice with others is extremely difficult. But I find that unless I can connect with that inner voice, access my own intuition, and make time for meditation and yoga (both of which are parts of my spiritual practice), I don’t feel my best. I have less to offer the world because I feel less secure about who I am and what I’m doing. For me, my spiritual beliefs – broadly, that life is balanced, and that my life energy resonates with the life energy in all things – keeps me grounded. It offers me a foundation. I often hear women my age refer to this as connecting with ‘the universe’ and similar terms.

There are few lifestyles that naturally foster a spiritual practice, especially when you’ve got a demanding schedule and a family that needs you. Maintaining a spiritual practice as a busy adult is a balancing act, as all of adulthood seems to be.

So it falls on you to make time for it, and seek out inspiration for it. And before you start with the list of reasons as to why you’re too busy, you don’t have enough time or energy, your loved ones need you, remember this:

Above all else, YOU need you. If a spiritual practice – whether it’s a religion, a spirituality, or just ‘connecting with the universe’ – helps you to be the best version of yourself, to be loving and compassionate, and to offer an open heart to your own life experience, then it’s important. And while others will always have a laundry list of all the things you need to do for them, you’re no use to anyone if you’re not taking care of yourself.


Simple tips for keeping up your spirituality

(even when your busy)


Find the time of day that needs your spiritual mind active

Like the morning, right before you go to bed, and put positive influence in your path. If you’re like me, you don’t have hours a day for meditation. You do, however, have a few minutes here and there. Try downloading some guided meditations to your phone; even just a five minute meditation can make a huge impact on your sense of happiness and purpose. Try our downloadable podcast that has 5 minute guided meditations on it available this week.
Another great tool for putting inspiration in your path is to implement reminders into your hobbies. Bowl of Saki, a sufi wisdom newsletter, is a great way to greet your inbox. You can also create a Pinterest board of images and quotes that will give you clarity when things get chaotic. Pinterest might seem like a cheesy option, but aren’t all pinterest boards simply vision boards?

Check out our soul inspiration board here.



Work it out and work it in

For me, yoga is a physical practice of my spiritual side. It’s an exercise of my physical body and my emotional side and spiritual mind. Practicing yoga does double-duty: I get a great work out and abundant lessons in presence, accepting, healing, and connection.
That said, if you currently use yoga as part of your spiritual practice, be diligent about the quality of yoga you practice. Make sure at least one class a week is at a studio that uses techniques that enhance your practice: chanting, meditation, or any other deep connection techniques. Your local gym’s class might be good for a morning sweat, but if you find it leaves you lacking in spirituality, expand your routine to a more concentrated studio elsewhere. It’ll also be a great way to meet new people with similar interests.

If it’s not about exercise for you, then try putting in ways to study, practice, worship, or any other behavior that matters to you. Long commute? Try a podcast on spirituality and growth. Have time to read on the subway? Take a book you can read instead of scrolling instagram. However works for you, put your own spirituality right in your path so you can’t avoid or forget it.
Have friends you can reach out to

An entire community of like-minded people with your belief system might not be accessible. But a support system for any endeavor is important. Foster relationships with at least one friend you can talk to when things get rough, or when you need a boost. If you don’t have a friend like this in your life, try joining a Facebook group, a Meetup event in your community, or any other online/offline community where you can reach others.
The only thing worse that feeling like your disconnected is feeling isolated within your disconnection. Make sure you have someone you can actively reach out to for support and encouragement when you need it.



Ensure the quality of what you take in

Take a moment to think about what you watch on tv, read, listen to on the radio, and how all that makes you feel…If it’s less than inspired, it’s not doing you any favors. What would it take for you to watch one less episode of Real Housewives, and instead read ten pages of a book on spiritual insight? What would your life look like if you made a habit of studying and taking in information that fueled you, rather than put you in a haze of distraction? It takes around 21 days to form a new habit (via); you can absolutely devote three weeks to replacing a single habit of negative intake with one that awakens you to your power and potential. Yes, you can do that.
There is great power in realizing that you are solely responsible for ensuring the quality of what you let into your mind, and that includes what you think, see, read, and learn. The higher level of quality you demand, the higher level of satisfaction you’ll get from your own life.



Spiritual Resources:

The Power of Now
The Alchemist
The Four Agreements
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
A Path With Heart

On Being
The Robcast with Rob Bell

The Joel Osteen Podcast (Christian based, but great for non-christians)

TV Shows:
Super Soul Sunday

Deepak Chopra
Pinterest – see our Soul Board HERE
BrainPickings (great for artistic inspiration)

Bowl of Saki
HerAfter’s Loveletter (duh!)


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