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Boost Healthy Body Image With This Simple Trick

An astounding 90% of girls age 15-17 want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance, with weight being their highest priority. Even worse, that number actually raises once girls become women; 91% percent of women are unhappy with their bodies. So if you call under that category, you’re not alone. But you are the only person who can change this statistic for yourself, and help the movement of changing body image perspectives for the better…

Human are endowed with the incredible ability to change our minds. Sometimes we do this subconsciously: a song at first we hated becomes one we can’t stop singing. A shirt we thought we didn’t like grows on us, becomes a closet staple. Sometimes we do this consciously: we decide being healthy is more important than eating junk food. We see someone in a new light, we realize the boyfriend we adored is actually a jerk.

We can choose our moods, choose our reactions, and we can change our moods and change our actions. We have the incredible and divine power of seeing things from new perspectives whenever we want, because of someone else’s work to show us, or because of our own work to look closer, deeper, from another angle, through another lens. We have that power, and when we use it, our entire life changes before us. When perspective changes, life changes.

Unfortunately, many of us have been failing to use that power in one of the most important areas of our lives: our body. How we view our body, treat our body, and talk about our body.

We look at our bodies from the outside in, as having flaws that reflect badly on our character, our worthiness of love and affection, our soul. Like an apple with a bruise, we treat it like damaged goods, not like the other perfect apples, not realizing all the energy it contains inside, all the nutrients it has within it’s skin, all the sunshine and water that went into growing that apple.
We’re acting as if we can see our  body from another person’s perspectives. We create opinions about our bodies based on what we think others think, and if you can follow that thought path you can see how delusional it is. When we say ‘body image’, we’re talking about the image we assume others see from the other side when they look at us. We’re not looking at an image of our body from our own perspective.

Here’s an example: Have you ever had a friend with a great job, or a great relationship, or a great house, and you were so envious of it. You thought it looked so great from where you were standing. But when you ask her about it, she tells you what a burden it is, how the job is so stressful or the boyfriend is actually really needy and obnoxious. It opens your perspective to see that the way you thought something was happening was wrong. The same goes for how you think she thinks about you. You think you know, but you’re probably making a lot of it up in your head.
As if our eyes and mind can see from a camera pointed at our bodies, we look at ourselves with the lens of what we assume other people can see, and we take that as truth. As a result, we focus on perceived physical problems or flaws, and absorb them as insecurities.

So with our power to change perspectives, something we can do whenever we want, and now is that time. Let us alter our view. Let us take back the lens through which we see our bodies and point it from the inside out. Act from the love deep inside you, so that every single action to your body and with your body becomes an expression of love.

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This is a choice to act from love rather than fear, respect rather than comparison. Let’s choose to love our bodies, to appreciate them, to care for them. Looking at the body from the inside out, from the soul that has used this body to overcome so much in life, changes our physical experience. We go from sucking love from others inward, to giving love out from within ourselves. The current of our own energy shifts. Instead of needing love, approval, or validation, our view point flips and we can start releasing love within us out onto our body, seeing it anew, caring for it.

How does this look? A bath is more than getting clean. Makeup is more than covering up. It means treating your body with affection and adoration in both physical action (rest and nutrition like eating and sleeping, taking a bath) and emotional action (complimenting rather than criticizing, praising rather than shaming).

hiding body scarsAllowing your own love, acceptance and appreciation to be stronger and more important than the opinions of others.

Not letting your worries of what other people think put emotional stress on your body or mind. Redefining your health and wellness habits to be based on gratitude rather than shame.

It means taking back your power of perspective. Life is all in the view you choose to take, obstacle or opportunity, imperfection or uniqueness.

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