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On Acceptance: Life and Death, Summer and Winter, Sickness and Health

Ours is a world of perfect balance. Summer fades into winter. Night becomes day, dark becomes light. That which lives shall also die, that which exists shall someday cease to. This beautiful planet, in all it’s wisdom and kindness, offers vast and endless equations of divine balance, all around, in every way.

Sometimes the balancing act is not so apparent, but it is always there. Like when being honest still got you punished, but also gave you peace. When one door closing makes way for another to open. How love can come along when you least expect it, and yet tuns out to be the exact day, month, and year you were most ready…

To appreciate this balance, we must also respect it. Not all circumstances will seem fair, but it is still worse to avoid them; because avoiding them means not accepting what already is, already exists, denying a circumstance that has already occurred.

When your heart is broken, it is far worse to pretend and deny the pain, and subsequently the healing of the wound than it is to allow for mourning, healing, and willingly undergo the process. When a person is diagnosed with a deadly disease, it is far worse to resent the situation and the ‘unfairness’ than it is to face the battle head on, or to surrender to the clarity and opportunity to appreciate life, fully, for one more moment.

If we are to say hello and goodbye to the sun each day with cheer, we must accept the days and nights that happen within our souls. If we are to love the spring as we cherish the fall, we must respect the births and deaths that happen all around us, to us, to those we love. It is unfair to unequally love all of life, all of life’s perfect balances. It is unfair to mother nature, to the universe, to ourselves.

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Do not shy away from the pain that happens in your life. Know that though this is your time to hurt, your time to clean the wounds in your heart, soon it will be your time to heal, to grow bigger than you are now. Though now is the coldest dead of your winter, someday soon will be your bright, shining spring spotlight.

Furthermore, when life rips up the blooms you have grown inside your heart, there is raw soil left behind. Plant seeds of intention. Listen when life asks you to let go, to replant, to start over, to trust the turn of the tide. Understand that the seeds will not grow overnight, but overtime they will. Fed with love and kindness, forgiveness, acceptance, gratitude, then eventually the sun will come to this garden, and your new blossoms will grow bigger than before, bigger than ever.

There will be bright light and black night in your life. Respect the balance, the ebb and flow, the crest and trough of the wave. When it is your time to be happy, enjoy it, be grateful for it. When it is your time to hurt, allow it, accept it.

photo: Four Seasons in Japan by Masakazu Matsumoto | modified (source) (license)

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