What is Her After?

My name is Rachael, I’m an award-winning blogger, internationally published writer, and a cancer survivor, and it’s my life’s work to help you see how beautiful and powerful you are. Her After was created to share what I learned from surviving cancer (lessons that you’ll find resonate with obstacles you’ve faced too!), and to help others live with intention, gratitude, and consciousness.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, I now live in Los Angeles. My writing career began at 16 while interning at a local newspaper. At age 17, I was diagnosed with cancer while in my freshman year of college. After beating cancer and finishing school, I moved to Seattle where I authored a blog of interviews showcasing local designers and artists. This blog was chosen as an affiliate for The Seattle Times, and won Metropolitan Fashion Week’s Fashion Blog of the Year Award.
I also studied yoga and meditation in India, and went on to earn my yoga teaching certificate at the age of 22.

In 2011, I relocated to LA, where I worked in fashion and online media, before beginning this website. The intent was to share what I’ve learned about life, loving, style, and being a woman from these incredible cities and adventures. Today, you can find me studying, reading, watching SuperSoulSunday, and loving this second chance at life.

But Her After isn’t just for women who’ve had cancer. Her After for every woman. Because every woman faces her own battles, and has her own obstacles to overcome, and Her After is here to help us all learn from what we’ve survived. This site is here to encourage and inspire every woman of every kind to live inspired lives with eyes wide open. It’s about the big things that matter to the modern woman without forgetting to appreciate the little things. It’s about life, purpose, passion, the pursuit of beauty, style, living happily and healthily, and the questions we women ask daily in the face of both joy and hardship. Because a future in which all women feel empowered enough to be themselves no matter their circumstances, cherish each other as powerful beings, and realize their own potential and beauty will absolutely change the world.

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