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11 Day Mantra Challenge: Mantras For Happiness Every Woman Should Practice

We talked recently about easy ways to learn to meditate, and a mantra can be a simple, profound (and totally free) way to change your meditation practice and your life. These mantras are designed to help you tap into the potential of your true spirit, to make your sense of self and happiness more abundant and easy to access.


There are many myths behind chanting, but it is widely agreed is that the more you chant and repeat a phrase, the more it becomes a part of you. Chanting a mantra can redefine your inner monologue, which is why they are used for more severe mental conditions such as anxiety. The more you repeat (chant) the mantra, the more you reframe your thinking to abide by it, replacing the old negative message which used to repeat in your head with the new more positive one.


These mantras are especially powerful in the aim to live your best life. Chant them internally or out loud for 5-20 minutes a day. If you can’t do a full five minutes, start with two minutes, and finish with 2-3 more minutes later the same day.
Keep the positivity going: Pin them, tack them up around your bathroom mirror or desk, or make them your iPhone background so when you check the time, you see these as a sweet little love letter to yourself…

Day 11:



I am drop dead gorgeous. No one has my looks but me. No one has my individual assets, my killer curves and my irresistible personality. No one has these scars but me because no one else earned them. No one else has these curls, this structure, these fingers and toes. No one knows all the secrets I keep, and no one defines woman the same way I do. There is no other me but me, and I respect and live up to that responsibility by being fully, openly, fiercely myself.


photo: Dear Butterfly by Basheer Tome (modified) (source) (license

Day 10:


I am grateful. I am grateful for the dark and the light. I am grateful for my ability to hope through bad times. I am grateful for my blessings, the love of those around me, my ability to love, and my individual talents and passions. I am grateful for the earth, the sky, and the depths of the universe. I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned, and the opportunity to learn more. I am grateful and respectful of the light within me.


photo: magnolia – It is spring for sure by spisharam (modified) (source) (license)

Day 9:

mantra for peace
There is no tomorrow, and no yesterday. Only now. I do not dwell on the past or worry about the future. When attachment to either arrises, I gently let it go, and embrace the moment. I live in the here and now, connected through my prana, my life breath. I am this moment, and it encompasses all that I am. Through this moment which I honor, I am infinite.


photo: Romantic sunset by Moyan Brenn (modified) (source) (license)

Day 8:

mantras for meditation

I am worthy. I am worthy of my dreams and ambitions. I am worthy because I live with integrity and honesty. I am worthy because I am whole and complete. I am worthy because I am not a victim of my hardships. I do not pity myself and so I grow through life’s challenges and prove my worth for a full, happy, and content life. I step up to life with an open mind and heart. I am worthy of all the fullness life has to offer because in return I offer a willing and enthusiastic disciple of the universe.


photo: sunrise across 34th street, manhattan by  joiseyshowaa (modified) (source) (license)


Day 7:


Life is good to me. I do not count or keep track of the bad days or the bad things that happen. I believe that the universe loves me, and I love it back. I believe it is good to me, and that even difficulty is a gift of love growth from the universe. I believe good things will come to me, and so I attract good things and good people. In return, I offer good things and a good person to others.

photo: 226/365 Dreamland by martinak15 (modified) (source) (license)


Day 6:


I will feed my soul, and allow it to bloom. I vow to feed my creativity, to fuel my curiosity. I vow to travel, to eat sweet treats and drink good coffee in the company of my fellow women. I vow to listen to inspiring music, to learn new skills and lessons and languages. I vow to dress up, to honor my body, to be sensual and loving. I vow to have fun dancing all night, and get rest taking glorious naps in the afternoon sun. I vow to drink more champagne and make more toasts with it. I vow to cook delicious meals for my family, to take my vitamins, to practice yoga whenever I feel like it. To speak kind words to myself. To indulge in new passions. And through it all, I vow to allow my soul to speak outwardly with excitement and abundant bliss. Because life is so short, and every day should be celebrated.


photo: macarons (modified) by julien haler (source) (licence)


Day 5:

open yoga pose

I am open. I am open to pain and to joy. I am open to the truth that I don’t have all the answers, nor do I need to have them. I am open to the universe revealing itself everywhere, all the time, even in unexpected places. I am open to possibility, to miracles, to the great surprises that life has to offer.


photo: Planting Roots (modified) by Laura Nelson (source) (license)

Day 4:

mantras for self control and emotional stability

I am in control of my actions and emotions. Though I cannot control what happens to me, I can control my reactions. I am in control of how I treat and speak to others, and whether I take their comments and opinions personally. I am in control of what I share and give outwardly, and I choose to share love even during conflicts.


photo: Sky mirror | play (modified) by hobvias sudoneighm (source) (license)

Day 3:

mantra for peace meditation challengeI am a voice for peace. In all my actions and words, I speak for peace. I am an ambassador of peace and acceptance and compassion to myself and toward others. In everything I do, I take responsibility for my duty to create peace on this earth, and to share it and teach it to others. I practice peace deep within myself.


photo: Lips by DominO (modified) | (source) (license)

Day 2:

mantra to help you be happy

I choose to be happy. I do not wait for happiness to find me. I cultivate happiness and love and express it outwardly, even in the face of fear. I have the power within me to let my happiness and joy shine outward, unblocked by uncertainty.


You can learn more about how to choose happiness in even your darkest times in this article.

photo: 165 by Mitya Ku (modified) | (source)(license)


Day 1:

mantras for meditation to improve happiness and wellbeing
I have everything I need.
I have the power to love, to heal, and to grow. I need nothing else. I am not driven by worldly possessions or the affections of others. I exist to give rather than to take. My love is infinite, so I give it out freely without need for reimbursement. The less that I own, the freer I am.






Svartifoss (modified) by Andrés Nieto Porras (source)(license)

cover: Planting Roots by Laura Nelson (source) (license)


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