How to Become a ‘Morning Person’

Wondering how to become a morning person and stop hating your alarm every single day? It’s so much easier than you think, it’s all about making the morning something you can look forward to with these simple tips.

Most people hate the mornings not only because it precludes a long day at the office, but because it’s a space of quiet and preparation they haven’t learned to capitalize on. After you’ve sat in a hospital chair for 6+ hours listening to the machine pump treatment into you, you learn to really enjoy those quiet, peaceful moments of aloneness. But then life gets busy and you forget to plan them when the doctor doesn’t do it for you.

In the soft, still coolness of the morning, before my neighbors have even risen, I greet the chill of the new day with hot coffee. Enjoying this coffee only comes after a laborious 15 minutes of alarm-avoiding denial that sleeping time is over, but the sweetly refreshing invitation to reality only early morning can offer is worth the struggle.

I am not a ‘morning person’. For years, I worked tediously to create a schedule which supported this notion. It was only after reading that some of my heroes were early risers – Barack Obama, Anna Wintour, and more – that I attempted to reverse the self-imposed statute and become one. The misunderstanding many of us fall prey to is that to be a ‘morning person’, you must feel naturally energetic and productive in the morning. Conversely, if your more fruitful hours of thought fall late at night, you are a ‘night’ person. But the truth us, none of us are any ‘kind’ of person, but we are creatures of habit. The day does not define us as one way or another, or accept us only at certain times. For the day, there is no specific time for which nature and human can best interact; in fact, just the opposite. Being a ‘morning’ or a ‘night’ person means only that we indulge in that part of the day well, that we relish and cherish it. As such, we can actually be both.

As a creative type that does much of my work in late evening, I find that morning offers a different kind of nutrition than the cathartic night. The morning time is a ritual of reflection and feelings of gratitude. Rather than thinking, calculating, creating, the morning hours should be reserved for quietness, stillness, and lack of thought. Allowing the early morning to be a daily meditation in which nothing is required but to exist and enjoy enables one to feel more rested and invigorated than those extra minutes of sleep ever could.

The practice of being a day and night person does not require giving up late night desk time and social engagements, but does require a bit more preparation than you might be used to. It can be hard the first few days to train your body to get out of bed when it usually sleeps, but the effort quickly pays off. You will quickly reap a longer, more fulfilling day filled with moments of peace. Here are a few tips to get yourself into a new early-riser routine.


How to Be A Morning Person

Simple tips to make your morning better

In the evening:

Stop drinking water an hour before bed.

Hydration is key to a healthy life, but getting up in the middle of the night to use the restroom ultimately depletes your sleep, and restful sleep is essential to functioning throughout the day.

Pre-plan what you might need

for the morning as much as possible. Set the coffee maker to brew before you even get out of bed, plan your outfit, and have an idea of what you’ll eat for breakfast. (A hardboiled egg, fruit and toast makes a great breakfast. I like to make the eggs once a week and then just peel and eat in the mornings.)


Enjoy the night. Remember it is also a special time and fill it with positive activities like reading, writing poetry or playing an instrument. Allowing a guilty pleasure like an addictive TV show is fine, but be sure you’re also doing something positive to relieve stress, so the evening feels as if it releases your energy in a fulfilling way.

In the morning:

Get up!

The hardest part is actually getting out of bed. In honesty, that extra few minutes of sleep won’t offer much in terms of alertness. You will never regret getting out of bed when you should, but you will likely regret sleeping in…

Start with a stretch.

Yoga teachers like to say that ‘motion is lotion’; Try a quick sun salutation or three, or simply reach your arms out and up to the sky. A great way to turn this into a moving meditation is to treat it as a sign of gratitude to the sun for rising with you today.

Keep your home quiet,

and enjoy natural light. Turning on harsh artificial light can be jarring, and depletes from the natural beauty of the morning, where as sitting beside a window and sipping your coffee lets your body wake gradually.

Be still,

And breathe. Noticing the stillness of the morning and allow your mind to be still can be very beneficial to your well-being. These moments of clarity are usually nonexistent in the rest of our busy day, and first thing in the morning is the perfect chance to indulge in them. The key to being a morning person is learning to like the morning, and one of the biggest splendors a morning person experiences is the quiet stillness where you can find your center before a chaotic day.

Fit in something you love.

Whether it’s catching up on news, or reading an article from your favorite magazine to inspire you, include something in your morning that feels like a reward. It will stimulate your thinking and give you something to look forward to. Your morning person routine might look different than other people’s, and that’s ok! A morning person routine should be individual to your needs!

When you become a ‘morning’ person, you will also learn to enjoy the night more fully. In fact, you might find that the entire day feels more enjoyable, as you now have more than one time for which you are excited to experience. Just as the coffee tastes better when you allow yourself time to sit, taste, and savor its flavor, so the evening’s first cup of tea or glass of wine is all the more delicious and deserved. Each day, and every moment of each day, is an opportunity to feel grateful, to feel alive, and to enjoy distinctly from every other day and moment. Embrace this; greet and end each day with enthusiasm.

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