resting bitch face

On Beauty: The Cure for Resting B*tch Face

Resting bitch face:
A woman’s facial expression which portrays her dissatisfaction with either what is before of her, or her overall outlook on life.
In other words, when a woman, completely unconsciously, scowls at the world, deterring human interaction because of her inability to manifest and express joy individually, and to accept that which differs from herself or her beliefs.

Wearing a ‘resting bitch face’ is like telling the world: “don’t talk to me. I am not offering happiness and kindness today. If you want to feel as awful as I appear to feel, then step right up!” Instead of sharing love, RBF shares only negative judgment about each other and life right on our faces; the faces that were made to share our bliss and individuality. And we’re burying our personal potential for true beauty under our judgments and unhappiness.

Does RBF actually help solve anything? Can you look things like cancer in the face with RBF and expect it to go away? Can you face domestic abuse with an “I can’t even” expression and expect it to just leave you alone? No. You know better than that. You know that life’s issues, big and small, require more than just a bad attitude to deter.


anais nin

As Anais Nin says so eloquently, “it is a sign of great in insecurity to be hostile to the unfamiliar”. The woman beside you on the subway with a lifestyle different from your own; the task at work that seems beneath you, or disrespectful of your skill level. Do differences make certain people any less valuable? Do beliefs make their character any less worthy of love? Of praise? When we greet other women, our sisters, or the moment at hand with hostility, we prove only the hostility we harbor for ourselves. We highlight our refusal to fully embody our own genuine definition of Woman, of Human Being, as in a human that is in the act of being. Because of this, we are collectively stalled in the process of creating a beautiful, bright, life-altering age of peace. Peace for the world starts with peace from within. In something as simple as a facial gesture, we devalue others, and we thus devalue ourselves.


swami chidvilasananda on enthusiasm

So what are we to do with the resting bitch faces of the world? Should we be cold to the woman who brings more anger and judgment into the world? Should we continue to wear our bitterness on our sleeves? No. We should embrace her, and the moment, with enthusiasm. We must lead by example. We must offer through our interactions a woman that provides love to those who don’t ask for it, praise to those brave enough to embody a reality different from our own. We should offer peace in the face of hostility. A beautiful face has no bitch about it. Beauty glows from within with the light and fire of a self that is present and open and kind. Kindness is the outward expression of love. Glow with the beauty of your enthusiasm for life and for your fellow woman. Even if you disagree with her, even if she’s different from you, help her:





happiness and joy


One Day (modified) by Katelyn Kenderdine (source) (license)

Colours (modified) by Camdiluv (source) (license)

Guise Archives by Igor Termenon (source) (license)

Happy Buddha (modified) by Andrew Turner (source) (license)


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