Home Decor: Inspirational Home Decorating Tips

When it comes to home decor, we focus more on color schemes than the theme of our lives, and we’re left with home decor that doesn’t feel inspiring or cozy. Why do we love images of interior decorating so much? Why do we spend hours on Pinterest, in search of the perfect #shelfie? Why does decorating matter at all?

Because an environment in which everything speaks to the imagination is paramount to a successful, fulfilling existence. A well-lived life, just like a well-decorated home, takes a bit of planning, and a lot of awareness.

There is reason behind the secure stone walls of the meditation temple, and the stained glass of the cathedral that lets sunlight in. Looking around your home space, do you feel inspired? Are the small details; the books on the shelves, the trinkets, the functional pieces that help you accomplish your duties; are these in line with the kind of character and work you want to represent in your personal life?

Further, if your allowing unwanted clutter to take up space in your home, what kind of clutter are you letting take up space in your thoughts? How about your heart?

inspirational books by womenWhat interior decorators do, aside from having incredible space-use skills and style, is curate. Curating is what allows the finished production of a room to feel succinct so that each shelf is not only stylish, it speaks to the creative unconscious, helping the occupant stay on track with their ideals and goals.

Each room of your home should not only be a respite, but a celebration of your own life, and life in general. Begin first by curating the kinds of positive energy you want; that can mean by painting the walls, or bringing an eccentric piece of décor. For example, imagery of the Eiffel Tower can make any woman feel instantly more chic. It’s that french-woman-mystique we all resonate with, and all have the potential for according to Mireille Guiliano, author of French Women Don’t Get Fat (a great health and lifestyle read to add to your collection).

Then get down to smaller details; a mug that will make you happy to drink your morning coffee and start your day can go a long way. Inspirational message mugs from
The Everygirl shop are a great option for ladies who chug joe and the go. Start reading and displaying books that inspire you. I like works by Patti Smith, Twyla Tharp and Sylvia Plath around. Just seeing them on the shelf reminds me to seek greatness like they did.

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Because the home is a place of rejuvenation, it should also be conducive to the kind of productivity you want to have. In other words, your home decor should reflect the kind of life you want to have. Like having these books around, your home is the space in which you can be reminded of who you are, the impact you want to make on the world, and why you do what you do. It should be filled with the kinds of tools you need to make your difference. For me, that’s lots of places to read and write. It’s inspirational boards, and it’s pens and paper everywhere to jot down sporadic ideas. What are the those places and tools for you?

The bottom line is that decorating is about consciousness. Consciously choosing positive items and ideas to share your home with you. Consciously creating the environment in which you can thrive. Consciously taking action to design a life you love. You don’t get to live a glamorous life without planning out the details of the glamour.

You deserve home decor that makes you feel individual and self-expressed, two buzz words we love here on HerAfter, and you deserve to bring the kind of home and life you’ve dreamed of into reality.

The last hint: keep your eyes open. You never know when that favorite shelf trinket or decorative pillow or blanket is going to find you. Be open to finding it in unlikely places, on your way to brunch with the girls our out on a lunch run from the office. An unexpected score can also bring about a sense of surprising reward.

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Don’t buy into the overnight makeover. It will take time to transform your home, your life, and your habits. Be patient, and allow yourself the beautiful gift of time to carefully curate your collection.


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