“I’m proud of the scars in my soul. They remind me that I have an intense life.”

-Paulo Coelho.


Don’t be afraid of your scars. They are your badges of honor. They are the postcard from your beautiful travels to triumph. Scars prove you won the battle. Scars are the intricate markings of a warrior woman who braved life head on, sword in hand, and returned with bounty. That warrior woman is you.

Scars prove you’ve been there, you’ve seen things, things that took a lot to get to, and a lot to get through.

A body without scars is like a passport without stamps.

Your scars, like you, are beautiful. They are the physical form of stories from your life. You earned them. Instead of hiding them, be proud of them.

And if you really need to hide them, hide them behind your confidence. Place them delicately just to the back of your sly smile. Keep them neatly tucked under your fearless hunter’s stare. Tuck them sweetly away behind your indomitable sex appeal. I promise, no one will even notice them there.

Embrace your scars. It’s proof your body worked hard to put itself together so you could keep going.


Keep going.