On Beauty: Coming Up Roses

empirestatebuildingAh spring, a time of rebirth, renewal, and abundant awakening to the vibrancy just ahead.

On February 14th, two valentines found themselves walking around midtown Manhattan marveling at the Empire State Building’s luminous, hot pink holiday look. And it’s not just the top of the Empire State that’s tickled pink this season, if NYFW was any indication. The fashion world is gearing up for a fun, fresh spring ahead with flowy floral prints on the horizon and lots of barely there make-up to look forward to. Diane Kendall even admitted to Vogue that backstage of fashion week, she prepped the models with rose water. It looks like Spring is truly coming in full bloom this year…

Today, however, it is still frigid outside, and one must bundle up against the cold with snoods and scarves. And while we may be excited to break out these new rosy hues for the fashion season ahead, we must not forget that today, and every day, looking too far ahead will keep us from enjoying the moment.


When a rose blossoms, it signifies the culmination of many, many events and months of painstaking preparation above and below ground. Long before the petals release outward, seeds were sewn and the earth cultivated to life the stem, then the bed, and finally the flower. The moment of bloom only proves that with careful attention to detail and a healthy amount of vital nutrients – the light of the sun, the love of the soil – the most beautiful of events can occur.

And we above ground should be no different. We may be excited to bring about sunny days and warm temperatures ahead (and puddle-less sidewalks on the streets of Manhattan, perhaps), but it makes today no less important to our blossoming. Each and every day is a chance to nourish what it is we love most, whether that be a person, a project, an idea or an attitude. It is not always the end result that we must focus on, especially as we just come out of the heavy hibernation of such a harsh winter. Instead, it should be the process, taking on each task with care as we feed our imagination with Pinning sprees spring break travel, or spruce up our blog and refocus what it is we want to do with our career, what impact we want to make. After all, each petal of the rose has direction, and follows the way the earth has directed it to open. It is not haphazard. If we are to champion rose pinks as the color of our state this season, let us also learn from it, remembering that we may only bloom as beings if we water, feed, and carefully prune our dreams and intentions today.

It may not be so easy to realize we are still in the stage of doing our work underground. Certainly, anyone who has spent time in the hospital recovering knows this very well. It can feel as though minutes pass a little slower and every day takes a little longer. But if that was the case, we would be lucky for it. That means more time for our hearts, minds and dreams to grow stronger before we bloom, so that our petals can reach even further…

What are you growing this season?

cover photo: Free HDR & Photomanipulations – http://www.freestock.ca


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