To the beautiful readers and supporters of HerAfter,

HerAfter has been an act of love, of joy, a mission toward enlightened self acceptance and radical change in our world by way of embracing our own hardships and stories. It has been hard work of the most rewarding kind. I, as a writer and human being and woman, have been overwhelmingly blessed to have expanded, evolved and awakened through it it’s creation and growth.

For each and every person that tuned in to read my words, and for the hundreds of letters you’ve sent to me sharing your own stories, experiences and lessons to let me know that my words resonated with your soul, I am eternally and abundantly grateful. For souls to connect through our stories is a writers greatest achievement. It has truly been the highlight of my life to know that I have made a positive impact, and to receive that impact back onto myself humbly through your own words.

But the time has come for HerAfter to come to a close, and for my work and writing to start down another path. It saddens me to let this labor of love go, but like a child that I have fostered and fed, the site and I have taken what time we needed to together and now we must part. You and I, however, do not have to say goodbye. In fact I hope we can remain connected and that my future projects will touch you in new and unexpected ways.

Please stay connected with me on Twitter @Rachaelyahne, and on my personal portfolio site, and as always through where you can write to me and I will do my best to respond.

You have all been kind, generous, supportive, loving, encouraging, and wonderful companions on this project. I will carry that love for all the days of my life.

In love, grace and gratitude,


Rachael Yahne
Creator and author of HerAfter